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Employment Law


Law on Lydiard’s proprietor Paul Cott has been assisting employers and employees in enforcing their rights for more than 15 years. He has been (and continues to do so) providing practical legally sound advice which has far better equipped them to make their own decisions as to their lives. After all, one’s business (and one’s employment) is a key part of a person’s life.


Paul has been recognised by members of courts and tribunals in this area as a straight shooter but he always lends an empathic ear to his clients who are often going through significant challenges.


As a result of advising so many over such a significant period of time, Paul not only has the skills and knowledge to deal with employment disputes as they arise, he can also assist in work which helps to prevent disputes arising in the first place.


To that end, Law on Lydiard can also review and draft employment contracts, advise and assist with restraint of trade clauses and thus where people can work after leaving a business, and a wide range of miscellaneous employment law matters – all you have to do is ask!


Law on Lydiard has achieved some outstanding results in dealing with issues of workplace bullying, disciplinary issues, and redundancies and his services are available wherever you may located in Australia.


Law on Lydiard is simply the first stop for your employment related issues and questions, as well as representation.

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